Subway Surfers App Reviews

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Muito bom

The best

This thee BEST GAME EVER ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

Same since I first got it in 2013

Your game is no different then before way too many ads and the only events are just around the world. Fix your game cuz its stupid


I love this game❤️its really perfect??dont miss it?cooool?

Working great

Please update the save feature so that if we need to delete and reinstall the game that the save data is not lost. I like how frequently the game updates the location and allows new characters and outfits and boards. I would love to see an option that the boards allow you to select magnet, can you imagine a super jump board with a magnet, that would be delightful.

The best

I love this app its so fun

The best game in the world

Since I downloaded this game I liked it it is really addictive if you are wondering should I get this game I purely suggest yes the tutorial is good no glitches 5star


You should make them all have a catchphrase

how i found this app

i had this app a long time ago but i deleted it a while ago... literally was reading a Why Dont We (great & hot band btw) fanfic and they mentioned this and as soon as i read it i downloaded it

Good game but..

It is very good game but I want to add some features.for ex. VR Mode like ninja kid run.or triple jumps or surfing in Miami.

I love this game its great

I dont know what to say about this game except that its great

The best game ever but...

This is the best game ever I have been playing it since I was four. I could not think of a better game.But the score multiplier has no purpose.Please remove it.


I love subway surfers?? it is a super fun game and it changes locations every 3 weeks.?? This is way better than temple run. And I love the new option in the settings that now you can either turn on/off the sound effects or the music!!??❤️???? P.S. Kiloo for the next update please go to Paris, France. from: kittykatYy

Very good game

Thank you


I think that the only thing that they need this change sometimes is how much the special ones are and just the peoples le are too exspensive for me but other than that best game I have other that episode


Really fun


This game is the best. It is a great time killer and makes me want to play even more❤❤❤

Best game ever. Except for clash of clans


Its lit

It wont go when I swipe but its lit.


I really do love this game but for me it glitches a lot and then the game ends please check into it I give your game 4 big stars

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